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Our body withers away with time and
wrinkles will conquer our skin. Do not
be frighten as you age and your body
change because the body will slowly
fade but the soul keeps on marching.
The soul that develops through your
eyes everyday by capturing all your
experiences moment by moment.
Sometimes it is the eye of the oldest
people that are the deepest, holding
the wisdom. Their eyes are like an
ocean of knowledge that we want to
drown in.

I would like to thank Aditi for letting me use one of her artwork. This piece of work was a great inspiration that gave me the thought to be able to write these few lines. She is a wonderful artist whose work I always enjoy. Do take a look at her blog if you have not done so already. The fact that she makes amazing things out of ordinary material is truly worth the praise.

Organ(ic) Love

I am starting another section in which I am going to put all the post I have collaboratively worked with a best friend of mine (Nimmi) over the last week or so. I hope you will like it. Some of you may have already read few pieces on her blog. We recently decided to put it on my blog as well.  


If you ever wish to love me
Don’t ever love me with your heart, my love
Because I don’t want memories of mine
To thump through you in a beat

If you ever wish to love me
Then love me with your lungs, my love
Because, with every breath you take in
You infuse our love with more oxygen
Giving it a reason to live for another moment

If you ever wish to love me
Then love me with your spleen, my love
Because you may not be able to understand
How or why everything between us works but
You know that I am an important part of your life

If you ever wish to love me
Then love me with my wounded skin, my love
Because not all wounds will heal with time
And not all scars you will be able to see
But your willingness to accept me unchanged will soothe the pain.