Memorable Rose

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He sits and swings, back and forth slowly
His eyes staring straight at a picture nearby.
In his hands he held, a bright red rose
And tears of sorrow running down his nose. 

Slowly as he continues to adore the picture,
A glimpse of smile covers his face.
Grandmother holding him by his arms, stand on his birthday
Eyes filled with love and words full of blessings.

Thoughts filled with memories fired through his brain.
He remembered the message she whispered in his ear on that birthday
“Your life is like a rose and its petals are your family and friends you adore,
some petals will fall but do not ever mourn because it’s the thorns that will
shape you in every form.” 

And now every encounter with a rose brings back,
Precious memories buried in his mind but never forgotten.
He pulls it out time to time to remember the days
When grandmother loved him and he loved her even more. 

PS: Even though his grandmother left years ago but he feels her presence
every moment of his life. 

It is another collaboration with a wonderful artist Aditi. I am glad to connect with her on WP and even more happy to have a friend like her in my life. Do check out her blog and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Her artwork is a great inspiration and I am always happy to give words and feelings to her paintings.

Organ(ic) Love

I am starting another section in which I am going to put all the post I have collaboratively worked with a best friend of mine (Nimmi) over the last week or so. I hope you will like it. Some of you may have already read few pieces on her blog. We recently decided to put it on my blog as well.  


If you ever wish to love me
Don’t ever love me with your heart, my love
Because I don’t want memories of mine
To thump through you in a beat

If you ever wish to love me
Then love me with your lungs, my love
Because, with every breath you take in
You infuse our love with more oxygen
Giving it a reason to live for another moment

If you ever wish to love me
Then love me with your spleen, my love
Because you may not be able to understand
How or why everything between us works but
You know that I am an important part of your life

If you ever wish to love me
Then love me with my wounded skin, my love
Because not all wounds will heal with time
And not all scars you will be able to see
But your willingness to accept me unchanged will soothe the pain.

यादें (With English Translation)


This piece of writing is dedicated to my parrot who had to be given away today for some personal reasons. He had lived with me for long enough to leave a bold impression. This parrot taught me life lessons that my close ones could not teach.I wish instead of killing animals to fill our stomach or for hunting purposes, people should learn from them. Their curiosity and loyalty is really something to be admired.Also, I would like to apologize for any errors in English translation. It was a bit hard to translate exactly with some of rhymes but I tried and in future, I will try to make it even better. Thank You for taking the time to read. Continue reading