एक खत पुराने आशिक के नाम

The inspiration to write this came after reading a wonderful poem and short story written by Drishti and I will attach the link for both story and poem here. In the story she wrote, there were two characters Shanaya and Varun (no, she did not had any intentions of making the link with Student of the Year). Both the story and poem was written from Shanaya point of view and I suggested her to also write from Varun point of view. Since she is such a nice girl, she actually took my suggestion and started to write from Varun point of view but did not complete the work yet and will post in the near future. But, she wanted me to write out the Varun point of view also and since I am not so good at writing short stories, I sticked with writing poetry which I am semi-good at. For now, I only wrote an Hindi version since I was able to convey the feelings better at the time when I sat to write. I will try to translate this in English and will post it as soon as I can. So Drishti, I hope that you like my attempt at portraying some of the feelings presented within the character you have developed and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Again, thank you Drishti for the request.
Here are the links –
Story: https://simpleheadgirl.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/stay-a-story/
Poem: https://simpleheadgirl.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/away/ Continue reading

यादें (With English Translation)


This piece of writing is dedicated to my parrot who had to be given away today for some personal reasons. He had lived with me for long enough to leave a bold impression. This parrot taught me life lessons that my close ones could not teach.I wish instead of killing animals to fill our stomach or for hunting purposes, people should learn from them. Their curiosity and loyalty is really something to be admired.Also, I would like to apologize for any errors in English translation. It was a bit hard to translate exactly with some of rhymes but I tried and in future, I will try to make it even better. Thank You for taking the time to read. Continue reading