Move on

She was told to “move on” from the grief of her dead husband, but how could she? 

She sat there looking deep inside her heart of the warm memories flowing through her blood,

She sat there looking at the impressions of his touch she could still see on her skin, 

She sat there still hearing his soft voice – so fresh as if he was just there, 

She sat there thinking about all the times he picked her up when she gave up, 

So, how could she “move on” from something that is engrained within each cell of her body? 

She did not decide to “move on” but rather “move forward” with it, acknowledging the fact that even though he is gone, his impressions will forever remain.

Tiring Journey

The long and lonely nights, the tension filled days, the hard work to overcome expectations placed upon us, the unending stress, the courage to keep going, the wet pillows, the failing attempts, the unending days, the mild depression with a bit of mania and finally the success.

The road to the destination is often masked by the glory of the success.  


Sunshine Blogger Award


I would like to thank my wonderful friend Aditi for nominating me. Please do take the time to visit her blog, it will be worth your time. Her crafting knowledge makes me fall in love with her work every time. I know I have been inactive for couple months, just been busy with sorting some things out but I will slowly get back into it now.


  1. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

1) Explain an innovative way of pronouncing your name.
A) My name is difficult to pronounce for many people and I have to correct them almost every time they say it. I could not think of an innovative way but I think following guide should work: g-aw-r-uh-v.

2) What are you most passionate about and why?
A) I am most passionate about helping others and making a difference in their life. It could be as small as just being a listening ear to someone who is looking to share their feelings. If my actions have made them feel happy even for a short span of time, I have done my job. The reason I do this is simple, it gives me an inner joy. The feeling I get from knowing the fact that someone had a good time due to my actions is something that is hard to describe in words.

3) How did the idea of ‘blogging ‘come to you?
A) The writing of a fellow blogger inspired me to pen down my thoughts on paper and then I started to put it on a blog in order to get constructive criticism to improve my writing. I have gained lots of things through this platform within last year including some wonderful friends.

4) What inspires you everyday?
A) The fact that I have so much to learn and improve myself in various aspects of my life in order to achieve the goals that I have set out for myself is what keeps me going everyday. In addition, it is also because there are people in my life who lose sleep and work their level best in order to help me reach my goals so it is also for them that I keep going every day so that I can give them the life they truly deserve.

5) What is the meaning of life to you? 
A) Life is all the small things we do for others and ourselves on daily basis. It is the smile that your joke brought on someone’s face after a tiring day from work. It is in appreciating my mom for the work that she does all day. It is in helping my dad with his work. It is in listening to what your friend has to say. It is in helping that stranger you met while on a walk. Life is in tackling the difficulties you face and keep moving on.

6) Would you race with me?😀
A) Definitely, let me know the time and location and be ready for a challenge.

7) A date at a fine dining restaurant or a date beneath the stars?
A) I think beneath the stars would work for me.

8) What makes you happy?
A) Helping others and bringing a smile on their face.

9) What is the meaning of sunshine to you?
A) Sunshine brings with it thrill of another day, another chance to take action towards achieving my goals, another chance to bring a smile on someone’s face and another chance to meet wonderful people in this world. So, sunshine brings for me new possibilities to grow myself in every aspect of my life.

10) What do you think about writing?
A) Writing allows me to think and forces me to go search for the information that I do not already know. So, it allows me to expand my knowledge. It allows me to remove myself from my comfort zone and enter into a time during which I completely immerse myself in finishing the piece that I started writing. The feeling of joy I get after reading the finished work is something that is hard to give words to. The best thing about writing, especially on this platform is the constructive criticism that I received from fellow bloggers and I certainly have improved a lot within the past year.

11) What is it that you love to write about the most?
A) I love to write about everything that enters my mind. I love to reflect on my surroundings whether it is something that I came across while exploring the world around me or it could be some thought that is corroding my mind. So, it is all about reflecting and gaining deeper knowledge about different things.

I would like to nominate everyone reading this and Aditi gave me some great questions to answer so I would like to forward these questions to anyone who decides to take up the challenge. Have a great day or night (whenever you happen to read this post). Take care and stay blessed.


Memorable Rose

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.25.24 PM

He sits and swings, back and forth slowly
His eyes staring straight at a picture nearby.
In his hands he held, a bright red rose
And tears of sorrow running down his nose. 

Slowly as he continues to adore the picture,
A glimpse of smile covers his face.
Grandmother holding him by his arms, stand on his birthday
Eyes filled with love and words full of blessings.

Thoughts filled with memories fired through his brain.
He remembered the message she whispered in his ear on that birthday
“Your life is like a rose and its petals are your family and friends you adore,
some petals will fall but do not ever mourn because it’s the thorns that will
shape you in every form.” 

And now every encounter with a rose brings back,
Precious memories buried in his mind but never forgotten.
He pulls it out time to time to remember the days
When grandmother loved him and he loved her even more. 

PS: Even though his grandmother left years ago but he feels her presence
every moment of his life. 

It is another collaboration with a wonderful artist Aditi. I am glad to connect with her on WP and even more happy to have a friend like her in my life. Do check out her blog and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Her artwork is a great inspiration and I am always happy to give words and feelings to her paintings.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.08.36 PM

Our body withers away with time and
wrinkles will conquer our skin. Do not
be frighten as you age and your body
change because the body will slowly
fade but the soul keeps on marching.
The soul that develops through your
eyes everyday by capturing all your
experiences moment by moment.
Sometimes it is the eye of the oldest
people that are the deepest, holding
the wisdom. Their eyes are like an
ocean of knowledge that we want to
drown in.

I would like to thank Aditi for letting me use one of her artwork. This piece of work was a great inspiration that gave me the thought to be able to write these few lines. She is a wonderful artist whose work I always enjoy. Do take a look at her blog if you have not done so already. The fact that she makes amazing things out of ordinary material is truly worth the praise.



As the sun shines it’s rays on his house
and morning coffee is brewing slowly,
he came upto his father,
looking at his face with all his focus,
ears begging to hear the response
and he asked,
“Papa, your silence
speaks of a story.”
He glances over and replies calmly,
“I am the garden, my boy.
Filled with variety of flowers,
grown by light and rain;
stomped by shoes of pain.
My silence speaks of how
my words have been misunderstood multitude of times;
let others mute my voice;
so now I only speak when needed because
the more I learn, the less I speak.”

Hello everyone, I hope everybody is doing well. Just back from a month long vacation so the blog will be alive now and will try to post as frequently as I can. This post was done in a collaboration with another blogging friend Nimmi. It really shows how a simple conversation can turn into a meaningful talk, which I am sure we all have experienced at some point in our life.

Happiness and Unhappiness


“People want pretty much the same things: They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older people believed they lay in the past.”
-Nicholas Sparks


“Unhappiness can be like a virus spreading from one person, to the next person, to the next one and so on. When someone is mean or rude to you, do not let their unhappiness infect your own life. If you are the unhappy one, please quarantine yourself so you do not infect others!”
-Jennifer O’Neill

Unanswered Questions

I will tell you all about it
Next time, maybe
You are too young right now
Wait for the next time
I will handle the situation better
You next time
Their child kept sliding further away
Leaving the mountain of fake promises
Silence filled the space between them.

The Child keeps waiting and waiting
For the next time to come,
Suppressing the urge to know
Deep within his/her heart.
They let them drown in the ocean of confusion.
They let their soul burn in the fire of a wait.
They soak their pillows with tears of sadness.
One day, when their bones could not bear the weight of confusion and
Their brain exploded from the headache of unanswered questions.
That day, they said to themselves that
They will not leave another question unanswered
But satisfy their hunger on their own.
Next time for sure.

Let them fly

There comes a time when you have to
Let your kids go and let them face the reality
Just like a baby bird will have to
Leave the nest and learn to fly on its own.

You cannot make their decisions for them
And you cannot expect them to return.
However, you can hope that
Their path of life is filled with happiness
Due to the lessons you have taught them
Before letting them march their own journey.